In 2006, Commission 53 on Extrasolar Planets was created from the Working Group on Extrasolar Planets (WGESP) at the IAU General Assembly in Prague, and approved for the next six years, the default extension for an IAU Commission. The WGESP was dissolved as a result. For information about the WGESP, please click on the image below:

C53 Business Meeting at the Beijing GA

C53 held its second Business Meeting during the IAU General Assembly in Beijing on Tuesday evening, August 28, 2012 in the NAOC building, close to the CNCC complex where the IAU General was held. Over two dozen current and prospective C53 members attended the meeting. The report about the Business Meeting can be downloaded by clicking on the image below:

C53 Triennial Report for 2009-2012

The C53 Triennial Report can be obtained by clicking on the image below:

C53 Business Meeting at the Rio GA

C53 held its first Business Meeting during the IAU General Assembly in Rio de Janeiro. The meeting was held in Room 5 of the Convention Center SulAmerica from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm on Wednesday, August 12, 2009. Several dozen current and prospective members of C53 attended and participated in the meeting. The report of the Business Meeting can be obtained by clicking on the image below:

Commission 53: Extrasolar Planets (2009-2012)

President: Alan Boss (United States)

Vice President: Alain Lecavelier des Etangs (France)

Past President: Michel Mayor (Switzerland)



Peter Bodenheimer (United States)

Andrew Collier Cameron (United Kingdom)

Eiichiro Kokubo (Japan)

Rosemary Mardling (Australia)

Dante Minniti (Chile)

Didier Queloz (Switzerland)

Commission 53: Extrasolar Planets (2006-2009)

Founding President: Michel Mayor (Switzerland)

Vice President: Alan Boss (United States)



Paul Butler (United States)

William Hubbard (United States)

Philip Ianna (United States)

Martin Kurster (Germany)

Jack Lissauer (United States)

Karen Meech (United States)

Francois Mignard (France)

Alan Penny (United Kingdom)

Andreas Quirrenbach (Germany)

Jill Tarter (United States)

Alfred Vidal-Madjar (France)


Any IAU member who is interested in becoming a member of Commission 53 should write or e-mail the President of the Commission with a brief note regarding his/her interest in the work of the Commission.

The applicant will be provisionally accepted for membership and will thereafter be sent all communications. The application will be forwarded to the Organizing Committee and formal approval of the application will be made at the Commission business meeting at the following IAU General Assembly.

Applications for membership in the IAU are invited about a year before each General Assembly (the next General Assembly is in 2012), through the national Adhering Organizations. In the US, application forms are provided in the AAS Newsletter. Normally, minimum requirements are a Ph.D. plus 2-3 years experience in astronomical research resulting in a few publications in refereed journals, but it is up to the US National Committee to prioritize the applications they receive before making their proposals for membership to the IAU.

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Last updated: 2 September 2012